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Easter Weekend upon us - Let's start it right...

Round 2 wasn't how we want to play football in Season 2014, for a summary on the game check out the Weekly Washup this includes the latest injury report. The Weekly Teams this week can be viewed around 4.00pm on Wednesday. Don't forget to view the awesome Photo Gallery each week.
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Round 3 - This Thursday Night

City Mazda Stadium - Thursday 17th April 2014 at 7.20pm

The Reserves match starts at 4.45pm. See you there!


From the CEO, Greg Edwards
Dear Members and Supporters ...

Firstly, let me open by saying, in the words of Uncle Sam….WE NEED YOU! In a changing and challenging SANFL environment, the visible demonstration of courage and willingness of our members is as crucial as that of our players and coaches. If you haven’t renewed your membership, or you’ve followed our fortunes over recent years without being a member, I urge you to sign your membership form and send a message to the competition that the Roosters community is ready for action! Membership is the foundation of the Clubs activities as the vibrancy of a Clubs membership base can be a core deciding factor for players, coaches, functions and Corporate Partners. Membership growth is a barometer to the Clubs health and wellbeing, kind of like a person’s blood pressure or cholesterol level. So please, send the message and be a MEMBER now!

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I also wanted to update everyone on how I see the pre-season so far, and how we are placed for the 2014 season. 

 In the past we have tried not to include the AFL players in our planning for the upcoming seasons, as we never know if we were going to have them or not. However, having a Lewis Johnston, Nathan Blee or Daniel Stewart come back each week has always been much appreciated. I guess they are the main three AFL players we will miss from 2013, as other AFL players such as Andrew Moore and our own Matthew Wright have been regular AFL players with their clubs over recent years, hence we haven’t seen much of them here at Prospect. In addition, regulars from our League team last year who will not be with us in 2014 for a variety of reasons include Jake Keller, Kriston Thompson, Nathan Gordon, Tom Langford and Tim Delvins. 

 I am very pleased to say that the new players coming into our group have been most impressive and I am very excited about the season ahead. Rhys O’Keefe is a strong bodied midfielder who will add enormous grunt and talent to our midfield and half back line. He is a brute who can kick the ball 60metres, tackle hard and big enough to also play on key position players. Jesse O’Brien is a tallish midfielder/forward (186cm) who has terrific pace and very good lateral movement from tight situations. He is an excellent kick and will be a difficult match up when on a wing or across half forward. Luke Mitchell is a big forward who can get on a quick lead, or out body his opponent. He gives us the opportunity to have him up the ground as he is fit and has a great work rate, or play deeper where he can use his body and smarts closer to goals. Alan Obst has been most impressive. Alan is as fit as he’s ever been, his body is sound and his work rate across half forward will be really important. For a forward, Alan defends strongly, tackles hard and will ensure our smaller players walk a little taller as he has a strong presence. We are just starting to see Alex Barns, Tom Sandercock and Corey Grove emerge during the summer too. All are over 196cms, and very athletic. All three have been in rehab for much of the pre-season, and are now joining the main group training and look very exciting. Tom is an outstanding athlete, his vertical jump is unbelievable and his running capability for a big player is awesome. Corey is a key forward, and he will be important in our key position strength also. Alex is a 198cm forward/ruckman who is highly rated by the coaches, so we can’t wait for him to come through the summer ready to go. All three will play important roles for the Roosters in 2014 and beyond. 

 Other players we have brought into the group who have impressed include Ryan Blundell, Addison Burns, Darren Shillabeer, Heath Caldwell, Matthew Willson. Ken McGregor invited Ryan to the Magpies last season from Ainslie after Ken played with him the previous season in Canberra. He is a midfielder who is tough and fit and we all look forward to watching his development through the season. Darren is a former junior Rooster who is returning after a few very strong seasons in the country. He has been outstanding on the track so far as a key position forward, and don’t be surprised if he bobs up early in the season in the main game. Addison joins us from Division One side Goodwood Saints, and as an ex basketballer has shown outstanding athleticism. 

 One of the real pleasing things for me is the visible development and improvement of our younger players. There is no doubt you will see the likes of Campbell Combe, Michael McMahon, Stephen Tahana, Liam Jacka and Oleg Markov making their mark during the season at some stage. 

 Of our current players, it is great to see players like Todd Miles, George Thring, Cohen Thiele, James Craig, Matty Campbell, Leigh Ryswyk, Will Dalwood, Jay Shannon, Chad O’Sullivan, Joe Anderson and Nick Amato and others all having solid preseasons. 

 We have made some changes to our coaching group structure also over the summer. Unfortunately Matt Slade had to depart to pursue a business interest, but we have consolidated well in replacing Matt and adding some new roles to strengthen critical areas. Joining Ken McGregor for 2014 will be Darren Mead (defence), Michael Handby (midfield), Robbie Fiacchi (forwards), Andy Billing (Strategy and Opposition), Craig Brooks (Reserves), Malcolm McGrath (Reserves Asst), Jamie Cooper (Strength), Nik Hagicostas (Fitness and Conditioning) and Corey Drew (Leadership). Ken has the coaching group working together really well, and the roles of Andy and Corey in particular, will be critical as we move forward. 

 Injury wise, we have no long term injuries at this stage and those who have been in rehab over the summer are all slowly moving onto the main track in time for the season opener. 

 Our Board and Staff are all ready to go for an exciting season ahead. But remember what I said at the beginning.. 

WE NEED YOU! Go the Roosters!! 

Regards Greg Edwards 





Upcoming Matches

Round 3 v West Adelaide
Location: City Mazda Stadium
Times: 4.45pm (Reserves) & 7.20pm (League)
Round 4 v Norwood
Location: Adelaide Oval
Times: 12.10pm (Reserves) & 3.20pm (League)
Round 5 v Sturt
Location: Prospect Oval
Times: 11.25am (Reserves) & 2.10pm (League)


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If your school has an AFL Ambassador they might know, if not ask your Principal or P.E. teacher to become your schools AFL Ambassador and you can do football all the time. To find out more ask your school or contact the Development Officer, Jason Rivett on 0405 455 585 at North Adelaide.

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